Loan & Asset Solutions

Westcor International's Perfect Title products are truly intuitive and provide an intelligent answer to concerns that permeate the real estate sector today. They offer a true guarantee, rather than a mere indemnity: the insured is not required to prove a loss and all claims are settled within six months, under our unique "cure or pay" promise.

Secured Lending
As the secured lending sector recovers, Westcor International's Perfect Title solutions can help to ensure that transactions move quickly, delivering a first class borrower's experience whilst ensuring that costs are kept under control. Margins are maximized, competitiveness is enhanced and there is added certainty that any mortgage is valid, enforceable and secured upon a marketable title and in the right priority.
Investor Protection
All investors entering the wholesale funding market need protection whether they are Investment Banks, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds or State funded incentives. Westcor International's Perfect Title products and Legal Indemnities give investors a guarantee that the quality of their assets is as high as possible, whilst saving time, reducing due diligence costs and facilitating quicker deals. Designed specifically for the Wholesale and Capital Markets, they provide complete peace of mind.
Portfolio Management
Historic mortgage books sometimes reveal little about the underlying assets securing the loans and "due diligence" costs time and money. Westcor International's Perfect Title products insure secured lenders against such unknown problems. The costs of insuring loan portfolios can be recovered from just one insured loss, providing a cost effective way of protecting lenders and others who might invest in their portfolios.
Gap Cover
Sometimes secured lenders have gaps in their cover, perhaps due to error or for supposed efficiency. A new comprehensive policy might not be cost effective, but a bespoke Perfect Title policy from Westcor International can provide cover for "gaps", whether the loans are historic or if there are aspects of the legal process giving cause for concern in new mortgage origination.
Distressed Assets
Property repossession is a fact of modern life. Often lenders take possession quickly, with nobody available to protect them from defects in title which can cause problems when re-selling. Westcor International's Perfect Title products provide the ideal solution to lenders, wrapping a warranty around transactions to protect buyers from potential future losses and the vendor from receiving below market prices.